Ischia the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. So many tell it is the green island the island of well-being with crystal clear waters and a mild climate. Located in the centre of the Mediterranean and in the south of Italy. Together with the Amalfi coast, it is one of the increasingly sought-after and recognized destinations by all those who wish to experience a holiday of good food and relaxation.

The 10 good reasons to visit this pearl of the Mediterranean. Read more and discover its beauties.

This island will surprise you with its many activities and places of interest to discover. To visit Ischia and its most beautiful places know that it takes at least five days. But if you are still undecided, here is the list of 10 good reasons to come to Ischia at least once in your life and why not, if you fall in love with it, come back again.

  1. Ischia is an enchanting island, with crystalline waters and mountains. This means that there is a perfect combination with an always mild climate, which allows you to visit the island all year round.


  1. In its waters it is possible to practice a variety of water sports such as snorkelling, diving, sailing, and kayaking, but also SUP and canoeing. Our apartments located in the heart of the village of Ischia Ponte are located a few steps from one of the most specialized centres for snorkelling, its manager Pietro will be able to welcome you and organize your excursion in the best possible way. Even for you newbies or for those who have never practiced snorkeling, there is also the possibility of having a truly unique experience being baptized in the sea. Furthermore, the peculiarity of the waters in the Cartaromana area in front of the Aragonese Castle is that they still preserve the remains of an ancient Roman villa which can be visited thanks to diving with expert guides who will lead you along the way.


  1. Ischia has always been considered a place of peace and relaxation, ideal for those looking for a relaxing break. In fact, events dedicated to yoga are organized on the island, practiced in places surrounded by greenery or on the Aragonese Castle.


  1. On this magnificent island there are the most beautiful beaches in Italy such as Maronti beach , with its 3 km it is the longest beach on the island and also one of the warmest since it faces south. This beach has the peculiarity of hosting the so-called Fumaroles in a particular point. At this point under the sand there is a temperature of 100°. For what reason the locals used to cook chicken, eggs, and potatoes, right under the sand.


  1. The island of Ischia is also a place rich in culture. Not everyone knows that the island was the cradle of the Greeks. This island was, in fact, the first island to host the ancient Greeks in the Mediterranean. Even today in the museum of Pithecusae the ancient Cup of Nestor is still preserved. The cup is in fact famous because it represents the first example of writing. However, this is not in fact the only museum on the island we have, the Sea Museum in which the ancient remains of ancient boats and ships are kept. And the Museum of Santa Restituta located in the municipality of Lacco Ameno, its peculiarity is that it is located just below the church of Santa Restituta in the main square of the city. Whoever comes to Ischia cannot fail to visit the ancient Aragonese Castle, an islet that rises in the waters in front of the village of Ischia Ponte and connected to it by a pier. It is a magical place full of history, we certainly recommend a visit to the torture museum and during the visit to stop on the terrace to enjoy your coffee break overlooking the sea.


  1. Ischia has always been appreciated for its thermal baths and thermal waters. The island is in fact one of the few places where you can decide to relax in the famous thermal parks, the most beautiful and large are the Parco del Negombo in the Bay of San Montano and the Poseidon thermal park located in the municipality of Forio. Within the thermal park of Negombo are also organized various events: from 29 to 30 April 2023 the event SENSORAMA two days dedicated to music, IPOMEA DEL NEGOMBO, from 26 to 28 May 2023 is an event dedicated to the exhibition of plants from all over the world and from this year accompanied by good food there is then, the ISCHIA SAFARI on 26 September 2023, an event dedicated to the tasting of dishes of starred chefs and not only, absolutely not to be missed. Both thermal parks have more than 20 different thermal water pools at different temperatures; Inside, there are also several snack bars, hot-tables, and restaurants where you can have lunch.



  1. Italy never disappoints when it comes to good food and Ischia is also an exceptional culinary destination. The island offers a variety of different foods based on both meat and fish. One of its typical dishes is the zingara: a sandwich made with two slices of local wood-fired bread, with raw ham, mozzarella, lettuce, mayo, and tomato inside, all grilled. You cannot fail to taste this delicacy at least once! Not to forget the famous rabbit bucatini, a historical tradition of the island.


  1. Ischia is also a perfect destination for those who choose to visit this island for its itineraries. In fact, the island offers different paths and walks. In fact, there are naturalistic guides who will accompany you along the paths to discover Mount Epomeo, the highest point of the island with its 789m from which you can admire the whole island and also the nearby island of Capri and when the sky is clear also the island of Ventotene . The white laces and walks through the Borgo di Campagnano through the rows of vines and the Falanga path or the Frassitelli path.


  1. Ischia is also the right compromise for those wishing to visit the nearby islands of Procida and Capri. Ferries and hydrofoils depart from the island every day to these two islands in the gulf of Naples. Ischia therefore turns out to be the right combination for those who want relaxation and the possibility of moving around the gulf.


  1. Did you know that Ischia is also the ideal place for families. This is because there are many beaches with shallow water, and this allows children to swim and stay on the beach. The island also offers many tailor-made packages for families and a wide range of attractions for children and adults. Among the activities that your little ones can do is Indiana Park. Here they can spend an afternoon of games and fun through the paths and ropes on the trees.



let your holiday in Ischia begin!