my name is Nino Di Costanzo, my chef's career started thanks to the passion the I've been given by my mother and my grandmother.
Ever since I was very young I started working under great chefs such as Marchesi, Arzak and Trovato. I also had various experience in some of the most prestigious Luxury hotels and restaurants in the world.
In 2008, I earned my first Michelin star just six months after the opening of the restaurant "Il Mosaico" (located inside the Manzi Hotel in Casamicciola Terme); One year later there was the recognition of a second star accompanied by the appellation of Grand Chef and Ambassador Relais Chateaux.


At the top of my professional career I felt the need to embark on a new path, so I decided to be ambassador of my country's traditional cuisine around the world by collaborating with Kiton (a famous clothing company), this experience has made me realize that true luxury is actually simplicity for this reason I decided to undertake my own project and on May 25, 2016 I opened the "Daní Maison"..

That was how Danì Maison came to be, a restaurant which has received the following awards: two Michelin stars, three forks, and Espresso magazine's New-comer of the Year award, as well as the title Venue of the Year from the newspaper Il Mattino. The Daní Maison restaurant is located in an ancient Ischitan house, my family home, where guests can find places in the dining room or directly in the kitchen to see in the front row the creation of dishes. The choice of located the restaurant in my family home is motivated by the fact that it is a cozy place where one feels comfortable, it is also a place with a history, roots and a strong bond with the territory where the guest is placed in the center of attention and feels at home, because we try to offer a great service which is discreet and also refined. 
Passion, love, research, study, experimentation, but above all the respect for raw material offered by the territory, for the tradition and the will to bring in the dishes and recipes of once in a contemporary spirit by searching the quality of the products in full respect of seasonality are the foundation of my kitchen philosophy.
So, choice of ingredients, attention to details and clever combinations that can enhance every single ingredient that, even in the complexity of the proposal, must be recognizable and memorable, even with less educated palates.
Tradition should not be considered a static element, but something dynamic that evolves over time, and I am constantly looking for this change in tradition while fully respecting the flavors, smells, and consistency "Of once".
Listening to the enthusiastic comments of the guests, seeing them almost moved to enjoy dishes that reminisce the flavors of their childhood are signs that indicate that I have taken the right path towards achieving my goal: to give a unique and unforgettable experience, to stir emotions and memories , even by sharing the bond with my land and with my origins, to make the guest feel part of my world.
I have tried to tell myself in few words, I hope to have succeeded in making you understand the love and passion that every single day of my life I put into my work; to be a chef today is trendy, but, for me, the real cook is the one behind the stove.
Nino Di Costanzo"